Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

A very brief update which will give you only the vaguest of ideas about what I'm up to this moment.

Today, I:

went shopping at Coles for dinner supplies: enough to make fajitas (tonight) and beef rendang (tomorrow night)

saw the second highest waterfall in Australia

saw the highest mountain in Australia north of the Alps

figured out how to get to the furthest point east in Australia on Friday

talked Dan into not cancelling white water rafting tomorrow

had both coffee and tea in lieu of breakfast at the delightful Clansman Motel in Glen Innes

chuckled over the image on the front page of the Celtic Weekend tourist brochure of a Koori man carrying a very large, heavy stone at a Highland Games contest

met the man himself at the tourist information office, and was impressed at not only how friendly he was, but that such a small town would apparently have no problem with a not-quite-Celtic man representing the town and the games

just before going to bed, felt lucky to have passed the only very recently erected (it's not in the guidebooks yet) memorial to the Koori who were massacred by European settlers

ate at McDonald's, which I truly regret; the McOz burger was sugary, bland, and bad for me

refueled the truck - 130 liters, $100

walked through the hotel grounds in search of the elusive kiosk that sells sundries, scoring two liters of milk for just $3; I would be sad if I didn't have a good cup of tea tomorrow morning after weeks of coffee and/or poor quality teabags

made sure to bring in the loose leaf Queensland grown tea (Mildura Estate, I think) as well as the strainer, so that I could have a good cuppa tomorrow morning and, who knows, maybe even give Iain the impression that there are Americans here and there who are trained in the finer points of a gracious lifestyle

tried to catch up on my E-mail, generally failing but writing too short, not very interesting E-mails to friends and family; also, have been contacted by The Advocate about Mark, which could be highly amusing or embarassing, depending on what I say, what is heard, and how it is all interpreted; let's keep our fingers crossed for a hagiography!

found my old swimsuit for Iain to wear tomorrow, rafting; this means of course that I'm stuck with the revealing lycra number that would more appropriately be worn by someone with less of a gut than I, but what the heck, it isn't as if there are paparazzi here in NSW who would even know where to post pictures of a daggy bloke in Speedos (presumably to a bear pr0n site to reap the dozens of cents folks would pay for those)

haven't decided yet whether or not to have a second beer - they're 2.7% alcohol, virtually tasteless, but very low in calories and better than tap water

wondered about the typos of the week, specifically a great sign on the Bells Line of Road that read "CAUTION STEEP DECENT"; perhaps this is a good name for a band I've yet to found?

should go to sleep soon because I'm very sleepy after days of long driving; additionally, the bus to the rapids tomorrow morning leaves at 7 (yawn)

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