Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Airline annoyance du jour

My Mom just called from the runway at Milwaukee airport.

She's board American Airlines flight 91, which was scheduled to land an hour ago... in Chicago. Hm. And American Airlines' Web site says that it's going to land twenty minutes from now, which seems pretty fucking unlikely given that they're on the ground at another airport just under a hundred miles away.

In the meantime, they can't get off the plane because there are no Customs facilities at MKE, and they're surrounded by irritated tourists who appear to be badgering the flight crew to bring them water (even though it's readily available from a drinking fountain or something). Lovely!

I can only hope that their flight to San Diego next week is somewhat less frustrating (and of course that they make it to Chicago at some point tonight). Ugh!

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