Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Just opened the drapes in the bedroom - I needed to put our freshly washed boots out in the sun to dry - to find today's collection of debris. See, this apartment is on the 12th floor of a 30-story building, and it's the first apartment going from top to bottom that has a balcony. Anything that falls from any of the floors up above winds up on our balcony. So, we have:

- Cigarette butts (Pommie tourists - they're Silk Cut)
- Wadded up tissues, white (these seem to be a kind of Official Aussie Debris - I've seen heaps of them on virtually every trail I've hiked down here)
- A dead bird, possibly a honeyeater (I suppose it hit a window somewhere up there)
- The most forlorn scrunchie I've ever seen, purple with some of the elastic frayed through the fabric.

Tomorrow morning, when we check out, I'm not sure I want to see what else has joined the assemblage out there. Worse yet, if the bird isn't removed by housekeeping, I'm not sure I want to watch it decompose, although I suppose I could do a Peter Greenaway kind of thing and rig Dan's digital camera to do time-lapse photography of its decomposition. That might be kind of cool, actually.

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