Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Say goodbye to cheap Australian wine

Holy crap! I just installed an exchange rate application on my iPhone and discovered that the Aussie dollar is now just about at parity with the US dollar: it only takes A$1.04 to buy US$1. That's frightening: not only is Australian wine now almost twice as expensive as it was in 2002 (back then, an Aussie dollar was worth only about half as much as it is now), but the huge increase in shipping costs will necessarily mean that it's going to cost an awful lot more to ship overseas than it used to.

I think we'll likely see the end of amazingly good value Aussie wines here in the near future: this might be a good time to stock your cellar with ones you like before you wind up paying a lot more for them by the end of the year. Me, I've already done so (albeit accidentally): over the last five years, I've built up quite a collection. Now that I live in a much smaller house with only a refrigerated wine cabinet (and not a proper cellar), I have way more wine than storage, which means I really haven't bought any since moving to San Diego. Instead, I'm slowly drinking down what I have. I can only hope that when it's all gone in 2012 or so that the US dollar will be strong again, so I can start stocking up again.

I know I'm a spoiled middle class brat, but damn it: I miss the days of cheap imports, overseas vacations, and shipping. I'm excited to be going to New Zealand for Christmas, but frustrated that it's going to cost double what it did when we visited the first time back in 2000. Grrrrr.

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