Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Attention San Diegans

I wonder if more complaints == faster service?

Across the street from Pecs - on the south side of University, just west of Alabama - the street in front of the bus stop is annoying the living crap out of me. It's now a couple of inches below the rest of the street, which means that driving on that street makes a huge bump and/or is damaging cars.

If you live in the neighborhood, please consider visiting the City of San Diego's Web site and lodging a complaint.

You're looking for ZIP code 92104 [actually [2000-2049] UNIVERSITY AV but the Web site doesn't appear to recognize any addresses, so you have to search by ZIP code]. Use the map, click Identify when you can find that stretch of University, and Bob's your uncle.

I [and my car] thank you for your help.
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