Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Oh no, I don't believe it

I've got two résumés to look at; we're interviewing two candidates next week, and I am amused by the following quotes (altered slightly to maintain the candidates' privacy):

- Singlehandedly managed the entire testing effort at Oracle Corporation HQ in Redwood Shores CA. [O RLY? Anyone here an Oracle employee who can confirm this?]

- Was a software design engineer in test at Microsoft Corporation Redmond WA. [Did you mean software development engineer?]

- Technologies: XML, HTML [Since when are these technologies?]

- About 4 years of experience in the field of Information Technology [You're not sure?]

- Professional Experience: Tata Consultancy Services America – Santa Clara CA, consulting [So, you consulted for a consultancy? Well, that really clears things right the fuck up, doesn't it?]

- Worked as a software engineer in MSN Search group (used by more than 80 million users). [Well now, 80 million users? So what?]

- Education: Masters in the field of computers and information sciences at (redacted) [Funny, I had a look at that university's Web site and they don't offer a MS in "computers and IS." You sure about that?]

- Was elected as the school vice captain [Your school had a captain of vice? Whoa, neat.]

OK, I'll stop here, but oh man, I could go on. I swear I'm gonna cut someone if I have to read any of the following ever again:

Unix, PERL, BlueTooth, Dream weaver, Windows2000, G.P.A, Brew, Smart phone, Play for Sure, Clear case, PLSQL, JAVA, VB-6, chip set, Codec's

Those are just from these two résumés. Now, call me crazy, but if you're a software engineer of any kind, you know, you really, really need to pay attention to detail. A single typo in your code can have huge, unexpected repercussions - so could you please, oh, run a spell check before you send me your résumé? Better yet, check Wikipedia to make sure that you're casing things properly? I know you can write Unix that way, but if you write it UNIX, I'll like it even better. There is, on the other hand, no excuse for PERL or BlueTooth - come on, people get it right.

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