Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

It all costs more these days

Stopped off at Lucky Donuts (a block north of our house) to buy a dozen maple donuts this morning (it's Canada Day, after all, and budget cutbacks resulted in no more weekly free donuts here at work until February, and then no more donuts, period, afterwards), and I loved the sign they had posted at the register:

Damn, prices have gone up... and quickly. Just today, I got note from the tour company that's taking us to Madagascar that we owe an additional £418 - bookings have gone down, which means a smaller tour group and increased costs - and the pound has lost value against the euro, so it's time to cough up more dough. Ugh. At least we can still afford it - but my fantasy of doing one expensive trip like this a year is basically toast. Time to start investigating more affordable options for the future.

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