Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Fucking Hell 2008 + The Fucking FAA

Back in November 2000, mamoosh, danlmarmot, and I were lucky enough to spend some quality time with Jake and Dinos Chapman's Hell in London; sadly, it was destroyed in a fire a year or two later. It was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen: I have a real penchant for artwork that is obviously physically arduous to produce. I have no idea how much time it took to assemble: Hell consisted of multiple, fairly large glass display cases with humongous, intricately detailed dioramas of, well, Hell in them. The craft that went into making it was breathtaking.

Thankfully, they went ahead and rebuilt the whole damned thing from scratch:

The new version is called Fucking Hell 2008.

[As an aside, I hate CGI special effects in movies because they strike me as being really fucking lazy¹. Anyone can sit in front of a computer and press buttons until you get a visual approximation of something exploding, but how many people can convince the Philippine government to allow you to set part of an actual jungle on actual fire? This is why APOCALYPSE NOW will forever be a great movie in my book (alongside FITZCARRALDO and INTOLERANCE, among others): everything you're seeing on screen is real - as Orson Welles said in F FOR FAKE: "For the next hour, everything you hear from us is really true - and based on solid fact." I saw the trailer for BULLSHIT SUMMER ACTION MOVIE STARRING THE FRESH PRICE OF SCIENTOLOGY last week, and who cares? It's all CGI. That didn't take a whole lot of effort; the ice rescue scene in WAY DOWN EAST looks way more believable than any given frame in that trailer. Pfft.]


BTW, could someone at the fucking FAA fix their fucking Web site so that it works with Firefox?

1. See comments below for an explanation of who's lazy. Hint: It's not the CG artists.
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