Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

A post for you curry lovers

I stopped by Marukai on my way home from work today. The rice cooker that e_ticket snagged for us eleven years ago is getting a bit long in the tooth; it's so technologically backwards that it only makes awesome white rice, which I simply cannot allow myself to endure any longer. Why? Well, repeated viewings of Showgirls have convinced me to eat more brown rice and vegetables, and the old one's microprocessor is inadequately equipped to deal with brown rice. (I've tried, and it fails.)

Anyhow, I'd scoped out rice cookers online and decided which model I wanted, figuring I could stop by one of the Japanese supermarkets near Convoy Street and pick one up, hopefully for about the same money it costs from shady eBay wholesalers in Manhattan. As luck would have it, Marukai have opened a new supermarket, Daiso, and homewares complex just up the street from Mitsuwa, and they're advertising 10% everything in the store if you sign up for a (free until the end of May 2008) membership. Yay, I thought, I'll probably get a good price on the rice cooker! I did, and to sweeten the deal, they threw in fifteen pounds of Japanese rice at no extra charge (the promotion runs through the end of the week or something).

It's a lovely supermarket, not particularly big, but keenly priced. Sadly, they ran out of toast bread and won't get any in until Wednesday, but that's fine, I'm happier with Grape-Nuts most days these days. Still, I've got my snazzy new rice cooker, frozen curry bowls, and enough rice to last me through the end of the year. Woohoo!
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