Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

On Netflix and credit verification methods

DP: Nancy, a friendly Netflix agent. Me, a befuddled customer.

N: Thank you for calling Netflix, how may I help you?

C: My queue seems to be broken. On Monday, it said you expected to ship my next available movie on Tuesday. On Tuesday, it said Wednesday. On Wednesday, it said Thursday. Nothing shipped yesterday. What's going on?

N: Let me check... Oh. Well, there's a lawsuit, and credit verification, and we're trying, and I'm sure that department will credit your account fairly when this is over.

C: Huh?

N: *hand waving*

C: But I've paid. I mean, the charges have gone through, and I've been a customer for a year, and I've only ever used that credit card. I can has movies? Please?

N: *more hand waving*

C: I don't understand.

N: I'm really sorry, but there's nothing we can do and this may take a week or two to be investigated. I'm sure, though, that that other department will compensate you correctly for the stop in service.

C: Uh, OK. Thanks for clearing that up.

N: You're welcome! Bye!

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