Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

QotD - On perfumes

"Nothing is ever completely dictated or decided by culture and society. There's always boredom, technological change and weirdos."

- Luca Turin, at Now Smell This.

Some background info on Luca Turin: Several years ago, I wandered into the Redmond public library to pick up a few library books. While I was there, I noticed a plain paperback book on their "Staff Picks" shelf called The Emperor of Scent, by Chandler Burr. This book is one of a handful of books that changed my life. If I hadn't read it, I never would have been interested in perfumery - or even really thought much about scent, which is after all one of the reasons wine tastes at all good in the first place.

Several years later, Turin has published Perfumes: The Guide (along with his partner Tania Sanchez), and (unbelievably, at least to me) is now on a full-on press tour (hell, he was on Good Morning America this week, even). I think this is kinda cool.

For the record, these are the eight perfumes I usually wear:

  1. Vettiveru, Comme des Garçons
  2. Declaration, Cartier
  3. Old Spice, Shulton (vintage from eBay because it's fun to be snobby)
  4. Vetiver Extraordinaire, Frédéric Malle
  5. 2 Man, Comme des Garçons
  6. Dzing!, L'Artisan Parfumeur
  7. Gucci pour Homme, Gucci
  8. Tar, Comme des Garçons
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