Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Vive la France.

You know, it would be, like, rilly helpful if Tahiti and New Caledonia used the euro, but who am I to judge?

Anyhow, I'll be in New Caledonia, eh, Nouvelle-Caledonie or whatever, within 48 hours. Should be interesting. Don't expect any posts for a while, and if I've been sending you postcards, I give myself a 50-50 chance of speaking decent enough French to successfully buy stamps dans la poste or however you say it.

Speaking of stamps, Australia Post could do better. If you're sending a postcard abroad, believe it or not, you pretty much have to buy $1 stamps, which are completely fucking ugly. You can either get a picture of a hill near Canberra (green, ugly, boring, current), or a picture of a hill near Hobart (green, not very dramatic, boring, available as of May 1, I think), and that's it. Why can't you use other stamps? Simple. Other stamps include 10% GST (~ VAT), and if you use those, you have to find $1.10 in stamps to put on your postcard, and that's an unworkable combination of stamps, basically. So, you're stuck with your choice of two boring hills, er, mountains. I did find a small stash of stamps with 'roos on them in Victoria, but they're almost all gone now. So, please, Australia, get some decent stamps for tourists? The $1 stamps are only good for international postcards, so why not put something on it that would make foreigners want to visit the country? The Canberra hill is about as stunning as that big landfill with grass growing on it in San Jose - could you please make an effort and do some stamps with, say, Uluru or a similarly recognizable Australian icon on them?

Thank you.

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