Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


I'm in an exceedingly boring meeting at Qualcomm right now, so I thought I'd set up Windows Live Messenger to work with my mobile phone just in case my parents ever need to contact me immediately.

Now, I left MSN about a year and a half ago, just around the time that Cingular rebranded itself as AT&T. I'm hugely amused to see that MSN still has two entries for AT&T, neither of which are labeled as AT&T (Cingular mMode is Cingular; Cingular Media Net is AT&T Wireless).

Are they ever gonna fix that?

Bonus: It also doesn't work, likely because AT&T doesn't have a contract in place with Microsoft that would allow for Messenger-over-SMS functionality. Boo.

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