Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Berlin Alexanderplatz

I'm currently about 30% through watching Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz. So far, so good. I'm irritated by the quality of the film (it looks terrible - soft, TV-ish, with weird effects on all light sources in the frame), but I'm fascinated by the film itself (I've never seen a film that apparently packs in so much of the original novel - when scenes go on for ten, twenty minutes with nothing but dialog, it doesn't seem like you're watching a movie any longer; this feels more like an audiobook with accompanying pictures.)

Also, Günter Lamprecht is hawt in the way Dave White is hawt. If you're looking for "the good parts," try episode 4 (lots of lumbering around shirtless while on a worthy-of-Bukowski bender). V. enjoyable.

Bonus: Tom Tykwer on Berlin Alexanderplatz. The original German version of this text is likely here, but it costs €2.


As all of the San Diegans are apparently going off to Dallas tomorrow, I'm considering heading up to LA to see Sátantangó on Saturday, but LACMA's ticket server is down. We'll see if that happens or not... are any of you LA cats going?

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