Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

QA 6-10 [Bartleby answers]

Q6: Kylie or Madonna?

A6: No, I would prefer to be doing something else.

Q7: Bowie or Jagger?

A7: There is too much confinement about that.

Q8: Michael or Janet?

A8: I would prefer to be left alone here.

Q9: Everyone is insecure about something, for some reason. Why are you insecure?

A9: No; I would prefer not to make any change.

Q10: What is your kissing style? Are you more of a smooching guy, or are you trying to tie the other guy's tongue to yours as you both make out like the world is ending tomorrow?

A10: I would prefer not to quit you.
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