Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Got my final shots for Madagascar today, and I now have a secret stash of Malarone, ciprofloxin, and Ambien. All I need to do now is buy a gallon of DEET, some permethrin-impregnated clothing, a mosquito net, and wait patiently for seven months or so and then WHEEEEE I'M IN MADAGASCAR!!!

I was fascinated to learn [thanks kingfuraday] that PlayStation 3 consoles are no longer backwards compatible with PS2 games. Well, the 80gb model is mostly compatible through software emulation, but has anyone ever seen one of those? I mean, they seem to be totally sold out online. Way uncool. I want a Blu-ray disc player, but nothing out there is 2.0 compliant except for maybe the PS3 (if rumors are correct), and only the 40gb model appears to actually exist (and of course I can't play my PS2 game on it). Damn it, Sony, you suck. Still, brilliant move tying the new disc format to your #3 console to ensure its success. Tying isn't just for Microsoft anymore!

My parents get here in a week (YAY) and we're gonna have ourselves a good time. Dan picked up our awesome new wine cabinet [actually this one - yeah, it's ugly and cheap but it's also the only one that will fit in our very low ceilinged garage] today and is gonna assemble it tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting my wine out of storage - it'll be nice to have it all in one place again.

As of about two hours ago, Dan is unemployed (yay!). This Wednesday is his first day at HP. Do wish him bonne chance - it sounds like an incredible opportunity and I'm sure he's about to learn all kinds of cool new stuff.

Me, I'm still puttering along at Qualcomm - had a productive meeting with the so-called Human Factors team about some design decisions they're making, and I was relieved to find them open to change and able to consider other ways of doing things then they have been so far. Of course, the proof's in the pudding, so I'll make a note to check back in a year and see how they've done.

Off to make dinner now - I was gonna go out to dinner with Tim and the kids tonight, but opted to stay in and get things cleaned up for jpcub, who arrives on Saturday. Note to SD peeps: see you at Bear Night on Saturday, no doubt.
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