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For those of you that were at LACMA yesterday, you may recognize this picture:

There's a fascinating commentary by Mary Ann Fergus here; Harry S. Martin [a librarian and law professor at Harvard] has an equally fascinating page here. I have to admit that I smiled when I saw that he made reference to Negativland; one of my chores tomorrow is to mount our Negativland piece to the wall... where, I don't know yet, but it really needs to go up.

I had an epiphany of sorts standing in a room of Cindy Sherman pictures: I had always glossed over her work before because curators in every museum I'd been to with Sherman pictures had posted huge glosses next to her pictures strictly categorizing her work as feminist. And you know what? I think that's demeaning. Looking at her pictures, I felt like I was looking at some of the greatest artwork produced in the 20th century, and I found myself wondering why it is that curators almost always feel compelled to paint her work into a little tiny box called "feminist art" - it's not feminist art, damn it, it's just really incredibly good art. Why is it that any time a woman produces something so many people fall over themselves to explain that, well, it may be art, but you know it's really only about gender and the male gaze and so on and so forth... it's so much more than that.

Tea at at the Huntington today was okay: sadly, they no longer serve proper tea, but raspberry-flavored crap instead (or terribly weak, flavorless black tea). Ten years ago (when last we went), they served flowery China Keemun properly brewed and all was well, but today? Not so much. The gardens were still amazing, however, and I was overjoyed to see a few different araucaria from New Caledonia looking happy and healthy. Plus, it was a beautiful day out and the aloes were all in bloom. Awesome.

We fixed up Dan's mom's computer yesterday. Amazing what a difference fast wireless networking makes to the overall user experience...

After coming home this afternoon, we hunkered down and re-rugged the house. Rooms now have smaller rugs in them; finally, we have a living room that feels like a living room, and the guest bedroom now has a huge rug under the bed that will hopefully insulate that room better.
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