Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Goodbye, HD DVD

Alas, it looks like HD DVD is definitely toast. Hell, I saw at least two people with Costco shopping carts with Blu-ray players in them just last weekend. This morning brought the final blow: Netflix discontinued HD DVD today. The only thing I'm waiting for is for Criterion to announce they'll start shipping Blu-ray titles - and then it'll be a definitive victory for Sony.

Here's to the power of bundling - Sony's PlayStation 3 may be #4 in terms of sales (FT article here), but there are still by far more PS3 Blu-ray drives out there than Xbox 360 add-ons or Toshiba HD DVD players, and it looks like it was enough to tip the scales in Blu-ray's favor.

Microsoft, who is really proving that they don't know a damn thing about how to make money recently (if blowing $40+b on Yahoo! wasn't dumb enough, they announced plans to acquire Danger this week), could've done better than to yield the entire high definition movie market to Sony and Sun - I guess they thought it'd make more sense to keep subsidizing their failing-since-1995-and-counting push into online services. Either that, or they were so busy rebranding everything as Windows Live that they forgot the whole authoring and developer tools market that HD DVD would have brought them.

Oh well.

Goodbye, HD DVD. It was fun while it lasted, even if I never even tried your online services. I'll miss your region-free-ness, even if you failed before I could buy German movies.

Hello, Blu-ray. Hopefully all of the things that scare me - region encoding and using Java for the UI - will not suck as hard as I feared they might. I've only lost $600 on HD DVD gear and movies; I'll get around to buying one of your players as soon as I can get a BD-Live standard player. Oh, that won't be until late 2008? That's fine, I can wait. At least I have Rescue Dawn in HD to look forward to.
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