Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Random nuggets gleaned from looking at the California Voter Information Guide

- Whoever Tom Tancredo is, he's let his Web site stop working entirely.
- Rudy Giulani's Web site doesn't mention that he's no longer a candidate.
- Fred Thompson and Rudy Giulani are the only guys without E-mail addresses. Clearly, they were doomed from the get-go.
- Sam Brownback couldn't be bothered to even submit a profile for this guide.
- Someone should tell Duncan Hunter not to rely on Yahoo! for E-mail.
- Who the hell is John Cox? Is this an elaborate prank? Kind of a Karen Elliott thing?
- Alan Keyes seems kind of cuckoo bananas. Who is this guy?
- Mike Gravel's name is really Maurice? And he's the son of French Canadians? And his Web site claims that Edwards's departure means it might be TIME FOR MIKE GRAVEL?!?! WTF?
- Edwards's site seems like maybe he's left the race, or maybe not? It's very confusing.
- Chris Dodd would like you to give him money to pay off his campaign debt. Good luck with that, Chris.
- Barack Obama is the only candidate with a California specific URL, and his donation pages allow you to auto-populate E-mail with people from your AOL, MSN, and Yahoo address books. This is telling.
- Joe Biden still has news from Iowa headlining his Web site. Ewwww.
- Hillary Clinton has a favicon.ico that looks generically, patriotically good. This is also telling, as is Maxine Waters's endorsement (touted on her Web page). Oh, and that picture of her with her hand over her heart - is that a subtle reference to those E-mails that claim Obama won't salute the flag? Hrm. I'm also not a fan of the MySpace icon at the bottom of her page (tacky, Murdoch-y).
- Dennis Kucinich (aka the guy I personally wished could have been elected President in 2004) has the most hilarious domain name: Tee hee! Mad props for making it clear he's withdrawn from the race, at any rate.
- Same goes for Bill Richardson. Also, kudos for the ugliest picture of any candidate. Oh man. Is that a greasy black pompadour I'm seeing? Hint: See Edwards's hairdresser, stat.

Bonus: my favorite quotes from party statements:

Republican: "Protecting taxpayers by forcing government to live within its means" [um, last I checked, we kind of increased the federal deficit over the last seven years?]

Green: "Openly acknowledges the 2000 Florida election process was stolen and led the 2004 Ohio recount." [Did the Green Party lead the 2004 Ohio recount? I did not know that.]

Peace and Freedom: "The Peace and Freedom Party of California stands for cooperation and sharing." [Great... sounds like kindergarten.]

Libertarian: "We believe that you, not the government, should decide how to run your checkbook." [The government runs my checkbook?]

Democratic: "After our primary, Democrats and Independents must rally around our nominee to ensure the change we need." [Wait, we must? YES, I AM OBEY NOW THX]



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