Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Translation plz

Aaaannnnddd... another week in Corporate America is off to a brilliant start. There's a talk at noon today here at Qualcomm entitled “Software Quality Fundamentals - Automated Defect Prevention.”

Um, OK. WTF? Last I checked, you generally need to make sure that humans don't create defects. I've never seen software that's automagically able to prevent defects just by dint of its being installed.

Even better, here's the bio of one of the presenters: "[name redacted] is considered an authority on the topic of software development and the leading innovator in promoting proven methods for enabling a continuous process for software quality."

I have no idea what that means. What does it mean to be an authority on a topic? And what does an "innovator" do exactly? Damn, I'm tired of people that don't actually do anything other than "promote" things. It's basically praising hucksterism, innit?

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