Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Things to do when we're waiting for the party to start:

1. Read Vice. coachbear - is that you? Oh crap, that's me. My bad. Favorite quote so far: "Making out with chicks at parties is the best because you get to do all the fun introductory stuff without getting in shit for not being able to get it up."
2. Post to Full Pour about some weird biodynamic wine made from table grapes you just drank.
3. Consider taking ROCK BAND to the party, but decide it'd ruin it instead.
4. Contemplate clothing options. Carhartt? Vulgar T-shirt?
5. Watch Fred play with Christmas ribbons.
6. Enjoy delicious pizza from Lefty's. Thank you, danlmarmot
7. Kick self for not calling AT&T about getting rid of iPhone.
8. Wonder which cologne would annoy the most friends if worn in public.
9. Consider returning boring NetFlix movies in favor of interesting ones.
10. Go take a disco nap with danlmarmot.

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