Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Boring post: Excellent customer service

At some point between Salmonberg and San Diego, I lost part of my coffee maker. I have a super swell Capresso machine - there's no heating element under the carafe, which means that when I forget to turn it off, it won't burn down the house. Plus, it steams milk, which is lovely whenever I remember to actually use that feature. However, underneath the steam nozzle, there's a removable lil' spill guard, made of shiny chrome and plastic, which isn't strictly necessary but looks cool.

After thinking I'd find it any day and not finding it for half a year or so, I called Capresso last week and asked if I could order a replacement. It wasn't on their spare parts list, so they said "well, we don't know how much it should cost, so it's free. What's your address?" I had to argue with them to get them to charge me shipping - and $4.50 is probably too little to ship it from New Jersey.

So... there you have it. Fantastic coffee maker, and sold by a company that will - without prompting - offer to ship you a replacement part that's only there to look good, which you lost due to your own incompetence and not through any fault of theirs, for no money whatsoever. Thank you, Capresso.

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