Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

LiveJournal post for cpratt to write (once home from work)

Twenty-five possible subjects

1. Smoking in the Paris-Moskau 24 hours before it was banned
2. Japanese dildo kits in the Jewish Museum (honest)
3. The most amazing blister I've ever seen
4. The mysterious disappearance of the Ketwurst
5. From the Weltzeituhr to the Charité
6. "Even the sunshine sinks to the ground in a fit of pique"
7. Emirates' $50,000 seat / Airbus never delivers
8. West Berlin's best known hairdresser
9. "The problem will be solved biologically"
10. Offcuts: St. Benno Scheurebe-Sekt, Rotkáppchen Weißburgunder
11. Santa Claus Chocolate Factory (ewwww)
12. Blowing off the legs of a table one at a time
13. Vomit, cigarette butts, shattered glass, and red paper
14. The ugliest building in Berlin
15. Comme des Garçons on New Year's Eve
16. Dutch and Italian tourists everywhere
17. Bohemian black beer, Grünkohl, Bouletten
18. Getting bored with Modernist art, and yet not
19. Daniel Libeskind building with the occasional Jewish object
20. Kebabträume 2007 (jetzt vegetarisch)
21. Decay and disinterest: the Bauhaus Archive
22. Stripping Soviet war memorials for scrap metal
23. Tussi in the West, Tussy in the East (oder: Ypsilon adé)
24. "Ich bin hier die Austerschlampe" (or: Munich Leather Bar History)
25. Making plans for the next visit already
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