Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

QOTD: Karl Kraus

Hätten die Leute, die dazu verpflichtet sind, immer darauf geachtet, daß die Beistriche am richtigen Platz stehen, so würde Shanghai nicht brennen.

or: If the people responsible for putting commas in the right places had only paid better attention to where they had put them, then Shanghai wouldn't be burning.

Or, as Wikipedia has it, Kraus "viewed his contemporaries' careless treatment of language as a sign for their careless treatment of the world as a whole."

This week, I began the process of educating people in my department at Qualcomm about the importance of correctness in spelling, orthography, page layout, form, and so on. As is usual for large technically-oriented companies, I've been met with skepticism and hostility, but I feel that if one is to produce truly excellent work, then all aspects of it must be as correct as we know how to make it. It's not good enough to simply ensure that QINTERFACE(foo) always returns the correct result: performance, stability, memory usage, documentation, UI, UX, accessibility, localizability, ROI, and sheer joy of use are all equally important.

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