Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

My luxurious dinner


I stayed late at work tonight and decided that I needed some better food in the house, so I went down to fresh&easy in Chula Vista. Got there around 7:15, left there around 8:00, and was home by 8:15.

This is my supper: fresh ahi poke ($7.99), Mexican limes ($1.29), Coke ($.89), and Bundaberg dark rum (God knows how much that costs). Delicious.

The cats went nuts over the smell of the ahi, jumping up on the counter repeatedly. Crazy. I gave them two pieces of the fish and then they ignored it completely, choosing instead to wander in the garage and whine at me while I took out the trash. They don't know what they're missing!

fresh&easy was, um, weird. I had to scan my own groceries (wtf?) and then of course the scanner errored out a few times, once so severely that it stopped working entirely. However, I got a free bar of chocolate and a free bunch of flowers for my patience, which was pretty cool.

More worryingly, I'm beginning to wonder if fresh&easy really has its shit together or what. An awful lot of the fresh items had expiration dates of yesterday or today (yuck), there seemed to be too many weird English-style Indian items (onion bhaji are tasty, granted, but this is, like, California?) and not enough delicious American things like burritos and tamales. They had badly misstocked a few things (cabernet in the sauvignon blanc section, for example), which is understandable given the store's newness, I guess, but on the whole I found myself wondering ever more at the slapdash assortment of goods. Salvadorean and Mexican crema but no half and half? And looking more carefully, some things are just bizarre: their corn flakes aren't simple cornflakes, but some weird concoction of heavily processed corn with other ingredients (like cornstarch). Huh.

I'm looking forward to trying more of their wines for Full Pour, and I've got sandwiches and salads to last me through the rest of the week, but so far I'd say that Tesco are failing at the moment. I can only hope they're paying careful attention to customers and their supply chain and that they fix everything sooner rather than later.

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