Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Guitar Hero III status.

Well, their Web site is kinda sorta working again, which is nice. It still hasn't completely updated - tpratt and I beat the game in co-op mode on Hard last week, which was awesome, but it only shows us as 90% done, which is LAME and NOT METAL.

Right now I'm banging away on songs in Expert mode and often not failing. I did 5 star Cult of Personality on Hard this week but then got stuck on the final round: the Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Slayer songs are basically impossible for me until I figure out how to somehow strum along to hammer ons and pull-offs. That probably isn't going to happen any time soon, but who knows? It'd be nice to beat the damn game finally. Oh, and danlmarmot is tasked with beating the game on Easy but he's paused about 30% of the way through and moved on to getting the house ready for his parents, who are coming to stay with us for a few days. :)

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