Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

le wine blog™ - now superseded!

jcoldrey has cordially invited me to be a part of a new wine blog he's set up: Full Pour. It's only just gone live, and there's not much there yet, but I'm hoping to contribute on a regular basis.

You can also add fullpour to your Friends list if you'd like to read it on a regular basis. My first post is about the $1.99 fresh&easy Chardonnay I picked up this weekend; hopefully, I'll manage to keep updating regularly and improve my tasting note writing skills.


PS. I know the design ain't much to look at now, but if anyone wants to help out with logo design or what have you, I'd be happy to pay the going rate for that kind of work (assuming I can actually afford it, because I have no idea what you graphically savvy lot charge). Contact me directly if you're interested!
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