Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Ma'am? Is that your fax machine?

I don't think I've startled anyone so much in ages as I did last month in Tasmania - we stayed the night in Oatlands at a Georgian B&B, renovated by a Californian from Humboldt County, and run by a fairly ordinary expatriate English woman. Just after breakfast, her fax machine started ringing, I think, and I suddenly realized that its ring tone forms the basis of a song on the Max Tundra album Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be. As you can imagine, I was pretty happy about this epiphany, and asked her excitedly if what was making that noise. Now, I suppose it is a little upsetting when large American guests start asking you about the bloody fax machine ring tones after breakfast, but hey, I was nearly ecstatic at the time, and I wasn't thinking. I know, I should have stalked the device that was making that noise surreptitiously so as to avoid upsetting the poor dear, but I let my excitement get the better of me.

Later on, during the drive to Interlaken, I verified that Tundra had indeed sampled the ring tone. What an amazing guy. Aren't we already long overdue for another release? Hm?

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