Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The state of the bear

My 7200 rpm 2.5" Hitachi hard drive arrived yesterday; I'm now using the Leopard disk utility to clone the internal drive in my MacBook Pro to it. After lunch, I'll disassemble the 'book and - with any luck - change out the hard drive and put everything back together again without ripping any cables, losing any screws, or bending the case of the 'book. Scary!

Dan's off to Mexico for a week tonight. Sniff! But he's going to have a super awesome fun time down there, I'm sure. I'm mostly not looking forward to whiny kitties - they get sad when he leaves, because he's the nice one in the house who knows just how to drag the feather around to keep Fred entertained, and because he lets the kitties outside. It's hard to get the kitties to understand that the suckiness is only temporary.

Finally, our living room furniture is coming together. Room and Board is delivering the AV console today (as well as the dining room chairs). Dan spent two days this week wiring the living room for speakers - he went over and above the call of duty and ran the wires through the walls and installed swank speaker terminals that match the wall brackets for the speakers, even. It looks awesome! So, after nearly six months of TV speakers only, we're almost back to having a real stereo again. w00t!

bearringsd came over for dinner last night, and I made roast pork loin with myrtle, thyme, and cloves. It was super tasty. Henry and Dan pitched in with the cooking duties and everything worked out really well. We also treated ourselves to a 2002 Ridge grenache (really about 76% grenache with petite sirah and zinfandel hiding in there as well) which was transcendent: full and rich, minty cherry fruit with dusty book bindings somehow, followed by a whack of tannin and a long, graceful finish. Yum. Sadly, the 2002 Yering Station reserve shiraz viognier seemed simple and boring by comparison, so we had a glass each and called it a night. Henry also brought some insanely good desserts, which were much appreciated.

Once the Mac is all put back together again, I'm going to be a total tard and install Windows Vista Ultimate on it using Boot Camp. Why? Well, uh.... I'm curious to see if it sucks any less than everywhere else I've installed it. I had to install Vista in a Virtual PC VM for work last month, and it got in a state where it absolutely refused to download the Korean language pack - and it installed DreamScene about a dozen times without ever actually managing to load and run it successfully. Le suck!
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