Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The worst blog on the Internet?

I hereby nominate the Windows Vista Team Blog as one of the worst blogs on the Internet.


1. When you're an employee of one of the most powerful (and widely reviled) corporations in the world, it's just plain tacky to post a biography that reads (in part) thusly: "I get to do cool stuff, play with lots of electronic toys, travel the world, and blog about it at the same time. I know you're jealous ;)"

Nick - we're not jealous, we're just pissed off that we've paid good money to run Windows and Office, suffered through a myriad of crashing bugs and random incompatibilities in return for our investment, and now we get to watch Microsoft blow money out of its ass paying for idiots like you to "travel the world." How about they, say, make Outlook 2007 work properly first before sending PMs on junkets to preach the good word about Vista?

2. If you're going to post a blog entry about DST, make sure to spell it correctly:

If you're too lazy or stupid to check your spelling against the Vista screen shot you posted in the very same blog entry, should you really be getting paid to blog for Microsoft?

3. If someone posits that it's "odd that a modern >$2000 PC may sometimes have trouble seamlessly playing back music when $20 CD players can effortlessly playback [sic] music without glitches," then the correct answer is "this is because Windows Vista is poorly designed, implemented, and tested - after all, XP and Mac OS X don't have this problem," not "Windows is a rich and complex OS designed for multi-tasking users whose tasks must share access to scarce system hardware and resources." Get a fucking clue, would you? When you hear audio glitches on a quad-proc Vista PC with 4 GB of RAM and a blazingly fast RAID array, it's probably not because the problem is soooo hard to solve.

I'd go on, but this is seriously like shooting fish in a barrel.

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