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Came home from work today, fired up my MacBook Pro, and Software Update demanded that I install QuickTime 7.3 and iTunes 7.5. I did so, rebooted, and... watched a grey screen for ten minutes before giving up. Futzed around for a while, unplugging the external display, trying to run disk check utilities, you name it. Nothing worked. Eventually, though, I thought to unplug my iPod - and it finally booted correctly. Grrrrr.

Then, I looked at the Read Me file that came with iTunes 7.5. It says this:

What's new in iTunes 7.5

iTunes 7.5 features the ability to activate iPhone wherever service is offered and support for Phase, a new interactive music game designed exclusively for iPod nano (third generation), iPod classic, and iPod (fifth generation). This release also includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.
Cool, right? My iPod should now have a game called Pulse on it, I guess?

Well... no. It's not on my 5th generation iPod, not even after syncing it a few times. Apple's Web site shows nothing for "Phase," and Google gives me no love either. So WTF is this Phase thing?

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