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More random crap

Guitar Hero III is really fun - but Xbox Live is super flaky. I can't seem to find or join any online matches, and when I create one, it's inevitably joined by a player that plays 100% of all notes correctly, which is both super not fun AND smells like test automation. When the game's over, the Xbox locks up and then no scores are posted online. Grrr.

tpratt and I are about 95% done with co-op mode on Hard. We only have 2 songs left - One and some other one that I forget what it is - and then we battle the Charlie Daniels Band for GH3 supremacy. We came pretty close to beating that other song, but I was using the wireless controller and I think it's a little laggy - I could hear myself playing in perfect sync with Tim (based on the sounds we were making hitting the keys on the guitars), but I was missing so many notes that I failed the song for both of us. Brutal. We'll finish it up next week, I hope.

I've been shopping for an apartment in Paris for a week next September for a vacation with a bunch of fellow bears, and I've repeatedly come up short. It's amazing, but all of the good ones are already booked out for next year. As a result, the only stuff I'm finding that's actually available and the kind of place I'd like to stay for a week is not centrally located, e.g. this place. So... we'd all save money, but be a 20-minute metro ride away from the happening Marais. Is that so bad?

Work continues to be dull, but hopefully that'll change with some super secret unannounced products that should start ramping up in 2008. We'll see.

I'm also settling into the routines of San Diego utility bills. I think we're paying less for TV and internet - at least compared to DirecTV + Verizon phone + Speakeasy DSL - which is good. However, the local water utility is annoying: they're charging us for sewerage based on an average San Diego home, which is what we're definitely not (we have super low water usage appliances, there are only two of us here, AND we don't take long showers). This is set to change next summer, but until then we're paying about triple what we should be paying, and they don't seem to refund you once you've proven that you're not wasting water. Ah well. The gas and electric bill seems eminently reasonable, especially as we're not using any gas for heating (so far). It's nice to live in a warm climate.

I'm working with jcoldrey on setting up a proper wine blog for public consumption - actually, he is, not I. I'll be contributing but Julian's doing all of the hard work setting it up. I suppose eventually I'll hire a designer to make the Moveable Type whatever look real purty but the primary focus should probably be the writing and tasting, not the design of the site. We'll see.

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