Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Leopard: Don't waste your money

Wow, that's probably the least useful $109 I've spent in months. Here's my short review of Leopard:

1. The startup screen on my MacBook Pro now looks like a cheesy BBC space opera from the late 1970s. Thanks, Apple, for uglifying my Mac.

2. The installer absolutely could not see the hard drive on my MacBook Pro - surprising considering I haven't touched the formatting, etc. ever since I took it home from the Apple Store last summer. All of the bundled hard drive utilities on the install DVD didn't make the installer start working - in fact, they could see a physical hard drive on my Mac but couldn't do anything with it. Mysteriously, after setting down my Mac for a few minutes to go find a wine glass, the installer hiccuped and finally noticed the hard drive. Total elapsed time: eighty minutes (!).

3. After finishing the install, everything looks pretty much the same as it ever did. Apparently the all $109 bought me an off-center picture of a generic Zen garden (presumably in Kyoto) as well as a couple more lame-ass desktop images. Not cool.

4. Finally, it came time to launch the one thing I bought Leopard for: Time Machine. It sounded like a pretty cool way to automate backups of my Mac, and when I checked Apple's Web site about Leopard a few weeks ago, they said that it would work just fine with a NAS. Uh... whut? Now that I've got Leopard on my MacBook, I don't see any way to do this at all. Lovely. $109 and the one feature I was looking forward to doesn't work. Nice one, Apple! Awesome that I blew money on a setup that was supposed to work with Leopard but which turns out not to after installing it.
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