Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Everything's fine

I made the mistake of going to work this morning without reading the news: everyone's been asked to stay at home and stay off of the freeways due to devastating wildfires nearby. At work yesterday, up by Rancho Bernardo, the air quality was terrible; overnight, fire spread west to the area and has destroyed a fair amount of property. At my other job this morning the air quality had deteriorated even further, so I went home within the hour; full time employees had received mail asking them to please stay home from work; me, I'm going to put in the usual 40 hours pay request and hope I still get paid because I have no way of working from home, alas.

Stopped by Trader Joe's and it was mobbed with people laying in provisions for friends and family who have evacuated to central San Diego (where we live): there's no immediate danger here, so a quarter of a million residents have relocated to evacuation centers nearby. So far only one person's died, which is good, but (sadly) it looks like things are just getting going and won't calm down until later in the week. So, in the meantime, nothing to do but hang out at home, read some books, find the Xbox controllers, and hope the best for everyone who will be affected by these fires.
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