Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Dear Lazyweb: Paris apartments

Dan and I are going to Paris next year, and we're idly looking around at vacation rentals on the Web. We're probably going to go with friends, which means a 3-bedroom (or so) flat is in order. Here are some we've found - if you have any experience with this sort of thing, I'd love to hear any recommendations you might have. Thanks!

1. Michel le Comte - in the Marais, luxurious, odd bedroom layouts (only 1 bedroom with a large bed, plus twin beds scattered throughout). €2350/week.

2. Marais Picasso - potentially quite nice but hard to tell from pictures; pricey at €2500/week.

3. In the Heart of the Marais 6 - dunno about this one. Need to find another site with this apartment with a better description. Sleeps 10, which may be too much; good location.

4. Brodie says fierce! but I say wrong neighborhood and it only sleeps four. Still love the kitchen though!

5. The Elzevir Apartment is waaaaay to small for more than two people, but damn, if I were wealthy, I would stay here when visiting Paris.

6. A Room in Paris still seems compelling, if only because they make breakfast. Mmmm breakfast. €1670/week.

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