Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

In which the worst Taco Bell becomes one of the best

At some point this morning - probably shortly after reading that Taco Bell has opened a restaurant in Monterrey, México after departing that country in the previous decade - I decided that I would head out on my lunch break in search of decent food today (as opposed to eating in the Qualcomm cafeteria, which has hands down the worst pizza I've ever eaten (and I used to eat at Blondie's fairly regularly while at Cal, so yeah, I know what I'm talking about)).

As luck would have it, the nearest Taco Bell is south of here on Miramar Road, which means it's terrifically inconvenient to get to. Oh, and the drive through line was backed up so far that there were folks waiting on Miramar Road to turn into the Taco Bell parking lot, which is scary. Oh, and it's also a KFC, which means double the traffic.

So. I'm sitting there in line waiting. Of course, some woman shows up in a H2 and keeps trying to poke here way into line. Eventually she makes it through the line and into a parking space. As she gets out of her H2, trash falls out onto the ground and she doesn't pick it up. That's amusing. But what's even more amusing is that I notice that there's a silver Hyundai sedan in the lot with a couple of bear stickers - the wide strip kind. So yay, there's a slim chance that its owner will (a) come out of the Taco Bell and (b) be woofy.

Turns out it's both (a) and (b). So yay Taco Bell - my tacos were crummy but at least I got to see a really handsome goateed bear in a tech-y polo shirt get into his car and drive off. Hell, I think I even made eye contact, which I do so seldom I make tuataras look twitchy by comparison.

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