Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

No one home. But I had an appointment!


Yay Apple. The iPhone that arrived last week exhibited extremely poor build quality: there was about 1cm of rubber gasket (?) sticking out at the corner, which I tried to shove back in. When that didn't work, I snipped it off instead, which meant that answering calls usually meant getting my beard caught in the damn thing.

Of course, I couldn't just call and ask for a replacement/exchange unit shipped out á la Dell - no, I had to make an appointment at the nearest Apple Store, which would be in a snooty mall that has just closed the entire ground floor of the nearby parking structure to remodel it for paying customers only (if you wanna park for free, you have to psychically know about the one ramp that goes up to the second story).

So. I arrived on time - 5:55pm. There was no one at the Genius Bar and a huge line of customers running the entire length of the store waiting to buy things. No, scratch that: there were six Apple employees at the Genius Bar. One was helping a white-haired couple buy a MacBook Pro and iPhone (they couldn't figure out how to activate their iPhone using iTunes). The other five were... well, I don't know what they were doing. I think they were talking about Tony Hawk, but they were a bit too far away for good eavesdropping. I eventually went over there, hoping to ask them what I should do next (there wasn't anywhere to sign in), but none of them paid any attention to me. Grrr. Eventually, a super fey emaciated leather gay showed up (the manager?) and told me that I could just "hang out" until they called my name. Um, thanks.

Ten minutes later, a Genius informed me that I must have been imagining a gasket peeking out of my phone. His tats were suitably rad to be working at Streetlight Records, but his knowledge about iPhones seemed pretty poor. Thankfully, the Mexican-American version of Hermes Phettberg sitting nearby overheard him and said no, actually there IS a gasket there and we should replace the phone.

Of course, replacing the phone isn't easy. They have to order one into the store because they don't stock service replacement 4GB iPhones. So that'll take a week or two... and then it's back to the mall after work, back to the fucked up parking, back to the aimless standing around waiting for a poseur hipster type to wait on me. Feh.

I've worked with a lot of mobile phone carriers over the past four years and never, ever have I had an experience this bad.

And I haven't even written my review of the damned thing yet.
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