Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

A little bit of retail history

Last night, I decided to stop by a different Costco than usual on the way home from the office:


This one seemed a little bit strange right from the get-go. First off, I had to navigate through a maze of twisty little roads (mostly alike) to get there: it wasn't easy to find. Second off, it looked nothing like any other Costco I've seen: it kind of reminded me of Canadian tomato growing hothouses in BC. Finally, I noticed that the same structure also housed Price Self Storage, which you can barely (OK, probably not at all) see in the background of this picture.

And guess what? This is it: the first Price Club ever. When I was in elementary school, all of the rich kids used to impress the other kids by having access to Price Club stuff (usually huge amounts of hot chocolate mix or endless supplies of string cheese, that kind of thing). Price Club was legendary: apparently it was impossible to get a membership to shop there, or something. Anyhow, this is where it all started: right here in San Diego.

These days, Costco and Price Club have long since merged, and the Price family apparently no longer has anything to do with the store.

Bonus le wine blog™ post: run, don't walk to your local Costco and buy yourself some Cameron Hughes wine. I picked up a bottle of their Lot 39 for just ten bucks last night and OH MY GOD was it awesome. I would have drunk the whole damn bottle myself if I wasn't determined to wake up without a hangover. This is some of the best wine I've ever had, and probably the best I've ever had for ten bucks, period. Plus, for all you environmentally sensitive cats out there, it's carbon neutral, even. Cheers!

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