Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
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All new

I've never seen a note like this from UPS before... wonder what really happened? Did the driver realize the bottles of wine were screwcapped and decide to go on a drinking binge? Even stranger is the fact that I got notification of this several hours before their Web site say it happened...

I started a new job last Monday. I'm working at QUALCOMM as a senior software test engineer. Sadly though it's still hourly only with no benefits - at least the hourly rate is very good indeed and mostly makes up for that oversight.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the iPhone from coryblank, chrisglass, and others too numerous to mention, I figured it was time to ditch my crufty old Windows Mobile 5 smartphone and get me an iPhone. Of course, I'm a cheap bastard, so it's the old 4GB model. I figure what the heck, how often am I gonna use it to listen to all of my music? (Answer: every time I plug it into my Scion's iPod jack, assuming that it works of course.)

The US dollar continues to circle the bowl, so of course I bought two upcoming vacations hoping that I did so long before the dollar hit rock bottom. We're off to Berlin for a week for New Year's, and then it's off to Madagascar for two weeks next September to stare at the indigenous flora. I've never done a plants only tour before - it's with a UK travel company and I have no idea what to expect.

Also new is our LCD TV - the old DLP set has been passed on to friends and right now the new one is hulking in the living room corner. The problem of course is that it has to be mounted on the wall: all of the hardware is here, but it's going to take a few hours to make sure it's all done perfectly. In a few weeks, hopefully, the entire so-called AV center will be up and running - I haven't had the luxury of watching a movie on TV with surround sound and so on for a few months now, and it truly is one of my great pleasures in life to be able to do so. I'll have to start up movie nights with Lefty's pizza here in SD before too much longer...

Finally, living in a city with a Republican mayor who, amazingly, showed the balls to declare himself in favor of marriage equality yesterday is also a new experience for me. The SD Union Tribune story is here, but the video of his announcement yesterday is pretty awesome as well. Check it out.
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