Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Dec. 19, 1999 - Sept. 02, 2007

Amazing to think it took nearly eight years, but as of one hour ago I am finally enjoying HD programming in the comfort of my own home. I first bought a HD set sometime in the fall of 1999; it was kind of my "yay, my stock options have begun to vest" present. That first one was a humongous rear project set that barely fit into our living room in San José; eventually, the picture started to go bad, it got moved to Salmonberg, and it wound up making the trek over the bridge to Seattle in the back of a pickup truck driven by a couple of Dan's rugby teammates. It was replaced by a much smaller DLP set, which we've had for about three years or so now; however, this one is way too big for our new house, so it's going to go away just as soon as we can find a decent LCD panel to hang on the living room wall.

Although I've always been happy with watching DVDs on the set (thanks in no small part to e_ticket, who hooked us up with a discount Panasonic DVD player and rice cooker way back in the summer of 1997), it hasn't been until today that I've seen actual HD TV programming on it. We never did get Windows Media Center to work with over the air programming, and the antenna we had didn't give us enough signal strength to tune any HD programming on the TV itself. Now, however, we live in a real city (and not way out in the countryside), so we have access to real city amenities like overpriced cable TV service. The cable installer came and went over 24 hours ago, but it took a few more calls to Cox Cable and TiVo to figure out what the problem was: low signal strength. Dan rewired the cable from the box to the TiVo HD box, I called Cox again (and they said they couldn't help me, but I tricked them into doing what I needed them to do to get the decryption tickets resent to the CableCard in the TiVo), and here it is: glorious HD programming at home. Finally. Of course, it's "She's the Man," but whatever, it's hi def.

So: Dear Lazyweb, I'm now officially shopping for a flat panel set for the new house. I've ruled out plasma due to heat generated and power used, ruled out DLP sets and projects due to size, ruled most everything else due to size, and need to find a LCD panel that'll go on the wall. It doesn't need to tune anything (the TiVo does that), but it does need to have good color, be quiet, be reliable, and do well with HD sources (Xbox 360 with HD DVD player and TiVo HD at this point, but perhaps a dedicated HD DVD player at some point in the future, or maybe even a PlayStation 3 if the market goes Blu-ray in a few years).

Any ideas on this one? Thanks in advance!
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