Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Post in progress: what I've learned about iTunes + NAS

What I've learned:
- iTunes will crash trying to import .m3u files
- The Mac automount FAQ helps a little, but has errors (e.g. sudo killall -1 automounter doesn't work, but sudo killall -1 automount does)
- If you're tinkering with this stuff at all, NetInfo Manager is a pain in the ass; use NFS Manager if you can help it
- If you go with the NFS Manager and automount defaults, putting your automounted NFS share in /network, iTunes cannot deal with it, especially if the share is called iTunes. It will look at it, barf, and make a local copy of everything on your local hard disk. To avoid this, create a folder at the root level of your hard drive and automount the NFS share there instead
- If you have trouble copying/deleting things to the NAS, try telnetting into it and doing chmod 777 * in hopes of it blowing away all privs for all users (worked for me on the HP Media Vault)

What I haven't figured out yet:

- how to get the firefly server to refresh its list of shared files
- is there a performance or other advantage to using NFS and not SMB
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