Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Vewy quiet.

Guess what? We're finally leaving Sydney tomorrow! Woohoo!

Actually, there have been some really good times here and there in town. Thanks to the valiant efforts of Seumas Ed Russell Matthew Matt Luciano Bill and scads more, it's been a pretty damned good time on the whole.

I've found car insurance, fixed a broken parking light, renewed the registration, replaced the speakers, and now the car is good to go. (All it really needs from here on out is a snorkel, an additional spare tire, and a tarp, I think. We'll see.)

Deposits have been paid for 4WD tours to Cape York and the Kimberley. I've rented an apartment for a week in Melbourne. I've booked a wild cave tour at Jenolan (on Seumas' birthday should anyone else in the are feel inclined to come with). I've also booked the Sounds of Silence dinner extravaganza at Yulara (but not a hotel room - who the hell wants to pay US $280 for a single night in a hotel room? And that price doesn't even include hookers or cocaine!). In short, things seem pretty well put together for now.

So. Tomorrow. After a day at a cheesy theme park near Sydney, we'll hit the road by 5PM, headed south towards Melbourne. When we're too tired to drive any further, we'll just keep driving with reckless disregard for the danger it poses to our and others' safety. No! A joke, Siegfried! We will in fact stop for the night (I'm thinking Gundagai or Albury), then get up in the morning and finish the journey to Melbourne.

Then, we have until about 4PM to get the blue whale down to the pier, load it on the Spirit of Tasmania, and check into our fabulous porthole bunk cabin on the Festival or Lido or whatever the hell they call it here deck. It's about a fourteen hour trip down to Devonport, interrupted by two feeds at the all you can eat buffet included in the price *belch*. Then, it's off to Mole Creek to pitch our tent for a few nights - we'll be crawling around Sunday morning in wild caves. Go us!

So, the laptop won't really be of much use for a couple of weeks, at least until we get to Hobart. If you don't hear from us, don't panic; if you really need to get a hold of us, just call one of our mobile phones. OK?

See you in Tassie!

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