Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

First breakfast

Yay, the kitchen is unpacked. I, Christopher Pratt, admit that I have a problem in that I own too much kitchen stuff. All of the cupboards are full, there's cookware lounging on top of the cabinets, some bowls and things are around the corner in the computer nook, and I've decided that the guest bathroom closet is going to be turned into a wine glass storage facility (no kidding; I have about 60+ of the bastards, and some of them are huge). So, yay.

First breakfast: Los Companeros coffee from the Grateful Palate served in my bear coffee bowl from the Marais (thanks Randy and Lisa), crumpets with Danish butter and fynbos honey from Hamilton Russell served on a Eßbrettchen from Berliner Töchter with a picture of the East Berlin U-Bahn on it.

As the Countess would say: Thrill!

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