Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

I love iPhone

1. I've been an AT&T customer for some time now, and just now I needed to call a hotel in Culver City, CA to make sure that they allow kitties to sleep there (they do) and that they have parking for a 26' rental truck (they do). However, it took three tries to get a voice connection to stay up for longer than one minute; looks like AT&T's cells are overloaded here in Redmond, WA. Thanks, iPhone owners, for hogging the bandwidth!

2. Today, iTunes demanded that it download a 57.9 meg upgrade so that I too could benefit from iPhone activation. Yay! After installing it, Outlook 2007 stopped working:

Thanks, Apple, for breaking Outlook!

3. I had a random thought about iPhone last night: it really is proof that Oulipian constraints are a useful tool for quality software development. All it takes is a simple constraint such as no floppy, no fan, or no keypad to result in some brilliant products. I wish other companies tried that more often - sadly, though, no other company could do that, I fear, as only Apple can boast of a customer base that will support efforts like that. Kudos!

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