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The last days of Salmonberg 2

Empties 2
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Although the recyclables won't be picked up for another ten days, the recycle bin is already full, this time mostly with cardboard, water bottles, and packaging - and now there's a row of bottles on top of it all from last night. (Don't worry, we didn't drink most of them - we opened them, had a sniff, maybe a taste, and then down the drain it all went.)

From left to right:

- Costco Premium Drinking Water, which is currently virtually all that's in the fridge (everything else has been thrown out)
- Feitoaman Licor Café, which my parents gave us a couple of years ago. Beautiful packaging, but sadly no Kahluá, we never finished it. Sorry, Mom!
- Lark Hill Canberra pinot noir, 2001, courtesy of jcoldrey's sister Olivia. My first thought on opening this: Whoa, did you have to use so much French oak? Totally thin, acidic, wispy, and over the hill, this might have been good when it was young, but now it's like sucking on pencil shavings. Bleah.
- Kana Dark Star 2003 (mostly mataro). Delicious wine from Yakima, made by the affable and talented Mark Wysling. We did actually finish this bottle.
- Fish Out Of Water "Ripasso" 1999 (mostly nebbiolo) from Bonny Doon. This should have been OK, but was beyond repair. I blame the plastic cork (way oxidized and smelled like moldy rhubarb).
- Le Monstre syrah vin du pays d'Oc, 2000 from Bonny Doon. We've opened the last three bottles of this in 2007: one was delicious, one was marginal, and this, the last one, was totally over the hill. I've never seen Dan do a spit-take like he did the second he tasted this. Ow!
- 2001 Ihringer pinot noir from Baden. From Paul Dostal, my exchange student host brother who came to visit us here in May 2003, this was delicious in 2003, and dead on arrival in 2007. Ah well, should've drunk it earlier... it currently resides on the lawn outside, nourishing the slugs.
- 2006 Rosemount Diamond Label Chardonnay, on clearance at the Target checkout lane yesterday for $4.44. To paraphrase Raffi: RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING BANANAWINE! Disgusting crap. Reminded me of getting Jolly Ranchers after miniature golf as a child, except with an alcoholic kick. Oof!
- 2000 Ciliegiolo, Tuscany, again from Bonny Doon. The rosé version of this we drank on the very first day we were ever in Australia, five years ago, and this, the dry, red version, was kinda weird in 2005 and way undrinkable in 2007. Definitely a high acid Italian red wine thing going on here with a seamy undercurrent of Ludens cough drops.
- 1999 Leasingham cabernet malbec. Not bad, but also not so fantastic that I wanted more than half a glass of it. Does not pair especially well with frozen Costco burritos.
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