Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The most awesome things that have showed up in my house unannounced

Over the past four years in Salmonberg, two items have magically appeared in my house, usually when I was away on vacation and friends were housesitting.

Here's #1:

New York Minute (Criterion Collection edition)

While inmfs was living here, johnecampos and grrrscribbler snuck in with his approval and the three of them snuck this into my DVD collection. I didn't notice it for a couple of weeks, and then I was genuinely confused - I mean, I must have bought New York Minute because it's between Rushmore and The Last Temptation of Christ, so why else would I own it?

I eventually figured it out, and to this day it's the best prank anyone's ever pulled.

And here's #2:

sinnabor snuck this into the wine cellar after he housesat for a couple of weeks; it was filed in exactly the right place, the two rows of merlot that used to be in the back of the wine cellar on the right (between the Sarah's Vineyard and the Januik, I think). Pretty damned funny! It's still sitting in there waiting for someone to drink it, but I fear it's not gonna be me if I can help it... :)

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