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Today's Vista mystery

Today's Vista mystery
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OK, this is amusing... well, not really. Our real estate agent sent us an E-mail with a PDF of a documented that needed to be signed and faxed back to her office. But hey, we're living in the 21st century, right, so we should be able to print it out, scan it, and E-mail it back to her, right? I do have a CanoScan 8400F scanner that I haven't used in a while, so I checked Canon's Web site for Vista drivers, and lo and behold, they exist. So, I downloaded them, installed them, and watched in horror as my PC mysteriously reset itself - pretty much a blue screen of death without the blue screen.

And then Vista wouldn't boot, not even in safe mode. It'd load four or five DLLs and then reboot itself again. Thankfully Dan knew exactly where the Vista install DVD was, and the repair utility worked this time (unlike last week when I had to reinstall Vista). After waiting a long, long time, Vista eventually resurrected itself from the dead. Then, I began monkeying with different install options, trying to get the scanner to work. Eventually, installing as admin seemed to get the drivers loaded, but then I hit this screen you see here: the Scanners and Cameras control panel shows the scanner as being installed (and the diagnostics show it as working), but any attempt to use the scanner just threw up an error message that "no scanners were detected." Even more infuriatingly, the Windows Fax and Scan application (one of the much touted features new to Vista) refused to see the scanner as well.

I can only assume that all of the new Fax and Scan stuff is somehow incompatible with my scanner - at least Canon's custom app still works. Great.

At least we finally managed to print, scan, and E-mail the form back to our agent. Total elapsed time: two hours, forty minutes.

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