Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Note to self: Never fly Cubana

I just got an incredibly strange phone call from a relative of mine who's just finishing up a two week tour of Cuba. [For obvious reasons, I won't name them here, just in case our government hasn't got anything better to do than to prosecute US citizens spending money in Cuba.]

Let's just say that I didn't understand a damn thing they were talking about; it sounds like the phone lines in Cuba haven't seen any maintenance since the 1950s. As far as I can tell, they're stuck in Havana indefinitely waiting for a Cubana flight back home. Looking at Cubana's Web site, it would also seem that they haven't upgraded it since, oh, 1997 or so. No flight status, no marketing materials, no nothing. At least their destination airport is currently tracking their flight as "estimated to land on runway 731 min later than scheduled."

Now that's good customer service. Yo, next time you get upset because your flight's ten minutes late or it takes half an hour to get your bags, just remind yourself quietly that you could be stuck in José Martí airport in the Cuban summertime heat waiting for a rickety Soviet-style airplane to take off twelve hours or so later than originally scheduled. Things could be worse.

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