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From the KTVU Web site:


Mother Spoke with Son on SF-Bound Plane

(OAKLAND) -- KTVU/Fox 2 interviewed the mother of a victim who was on the hijacked flight bound for San Francisco, who spoke to her son moments before the plane crashed.

The victim's mother, Alice Hoglan, lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

She says her son, Mark Bingham, was on United Flight 93, which was flying from Newark to San Francisco.

She says she got a call from her son just before dawn.

He told her he was calling her on the plane's airphone. She told KTVU he said the plane had been taken over. He said there were three men that told them they have a bomb. The line went dead before he could further elaborate.

Hoglan is a flight attendant with United Airlines.

That plane went down in Pennsylvania.


I met Mark in the Spring of 1991. We were both students at UC Berkeley; he was the president of Chi Psi fraternity and a key member of the Cal rugby team. Mark and I had, well, a fairly atypical college romance: I was his first boyfriend, and his first Bear. Mark was always fond of Bears. Although Mark wasn't exactly my type physically (he was tall, athletic, and, much to his annoyance, couldn't grow a beard), he was a hell of a lot of fun to be around - his intelligence and drive were truly rare and a joy to others. Before too long, his frat brothers took to calling me "Hairy Chris", and things were cool. I was lucky enough to meet his Mom early on, who took the news of her son's coming out with grace; she's a wonderful woman.

Mark was her only son.

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