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Google Street View

Wheee, now that's fun. God only knows how they're gonna make money off of it, but who cares?

Some places I've lived (more or less):

The small, open window at the top of the image is my bathroom window from 1991-1992 or so. I moved in in early 1991; even with rent control, this apartment cost $600 in 1992, which was a ridiculous sum of money at the time (I was making $6.50 an hour at CompUSA and moved into an unfinished, unheated garage in Oakland when I graduated from Cal). I did however carefully fit this window with a fake wood vinyl miniblind, which really tied the room together. Mark lived with me here for about a year on and off; if he wasn't staying at the Lodge, he was staying at Todd's in West Berkeley or Oakland and/or sleeping over. He did move in full time for a while but heck, we were both young and it was clear we weren't suited for each other as life partners. I think he moved into the West Berkeley pad about the time I moved to the garage, and then the next time we hung out he'd moved into Paul's house in The City.

Anyhow, one of the more vivid memories I have of the place involves Mark, the kitchen table (from Whole Earth Access), and [REDACTED]

Around October 1994, I moved into a house in Belmont, CA with danlmarmot and sinnabor. We'd tried to find a place in The City but failed; this, however, was equidistant between Silicon Valley jobs (at the time, Cygnus and Claris) and the Lone Star, so it suited us well. However, the landlady turned out to be psychotic: she moved in downstairs and not only made noise, but mooched off our utilities without reimbursing us. There was legal activity that was financially hugely difficult for me at the time (late 1995). Yuck.

Anyhow, the house was a few blocks up the hill from El Camino, and this barber shop was visible every time I came home. I had my hair cut there once; the place was empty, and the barber sprouted a hard-on after a while and kept maneouvering it up against me. Yeccch. I seem to have weird luck with barbers (cf. Madrid). The haircut and beard trim were, however, decent.

Finally, this is our house in San José. We bought it in 1997 and sold it in early 2003. I'm amused to see that the dorkwad buyers (doctors from Boston, or something) have indulged in some unfortunate pruning and revamped it all to be much more walled off from public life. When we lived there, we had film noir-style wooden blinds (think the bank office in Psycho), and there was no fencing on the right or planter beds on the left; our front lawn was contiguous with both our neighbors', and the front door never had the blinds shut. Now, they've replaced the period detail correct wooden blinds with some kind of totally private fabric (yuck) and moved the rear gate way up to the front of the house. I'm guessing that they were paranoid about San José and had to wall themselves in instead of understanding that they happened to be living in one of the nicest areas in all of San José (hell, Congresswoman Lofgren lives three blocks east or so).

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